Automating the migration of healthcare systems to next generation standards

Legacy healthcare platforms have taken decades of effort, thousands of developers, tens of millions of lines of code, and billions of dollars of investment to meet the demanding needs of a complex industry. But disruptive change comes to every industry, and healthcare is no exception.

Applicadia’s mission is to provide a suite of development tools, run-time engines and expertise to enable payer and provider software platforms to seamlessly migrate to the emerging industry standards with minimum reengineering of their existing systems.

Once the new payment mandates go into full effect, industry standards such as HL7™ Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR™) and Clinical Quality Language (CQL) will provide significant opportunities for the healthcare industry. Our solutions are built to comply with the complex technical requirements of these standards. With our technology, payors, providers and EMR vendors can build applications to facilitate the deployment of incentives and alternative payment models specified in MIPS and MACRA and other value-based payment models as they evolve and develop.